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EDP school and back: Moritz Busl returns with master award

From EDP school to microSYST: Moritz Busl now knows this "path" inside out. It all started with a two-part internship of a quarter of a year each, which Busl completed at microSYST in 2015 while still an IT student at the Wiesau EDP schools. After successfully completing his training, he switched to a permanent position in the development department. Until 2020, when he returned to school: In a two-year additional qualification as an IT technician, again at the EDP schools that have since been renamed "Informatik Campus Wiesau", the young IT specialist expanded his knowledge before he now - in the summer of 2022 - graduated with an excellent exam and returned to microSYST.

The Bavarian State Government awarded him the Master Award for his achievements. The support association of the EDP schools additionally presented a prize for special academic achievement. Busl continues to support the microSYST development department. By the way, he has never been completely away: even during his additional training, he supervised individual projects according to his own capacity. Managing directors Harald Kilian and Manuel Rass are pleased to see Moritz Busl back in the microSYST team - as a valued employee and colleague as well as an expert in software programming.