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Reunion after the training fair - students visit the company

Harvesting the fruits of spring - this or something similar could be the description of the recent visits of students to microSYST. Or in other words: the company visit box at the training fair in Weiden in March was a complete success. Those interested could sign up for a microSYST on-site visit - either during the whitsun or summer holidays. This week, a small group now had the opportunity to take a closer look at the company in Windischeschenbach - up close, live, authentic. Florian Helgert, who among other things is responsible for training at microSYST, welcomed the young people, guided them through the company building and above all explained product development and manufacturing to them.

Already during the whitsun holidays, the first students got their own personal impression on site. Another group is expected to visit microSYST in September.