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Secondary school students experience LED technology at students’ day

Second attempt, second complete success: After its premiere in 2023, microSYST repeated the students' day on 5 June 2024 with a total of 43 students and three teachers from Kemnath secondary school. The goal of the event is to provide young people with practical training guidance. The general opinion of everyone involved: mission accomplished!

Divided into three groups, the students alternated between the basic microSYST areas of administration, IT and electronics.


Wide range in the commercial sector

In the administration department, everything revolved around the apprenticeship as an office management assistant (m/f/d). Trainer Katja Ermer and 3rd-year apprentice Valentin Heid showed that this is much more than "monotonous office work". Using an order created especially for the students' day, they explained the steps that need to be taken in administration - from incoming orders to materials purchasing, scheduling, accounting and customer service. microSYST also handles sales and marketing internally.


How do I set up an LED circuit?

Trainer Florian Helgert took over the electronics department. He presented the corresponding apprenticeship as an electronics technician for devices and systems (m/f/d). During a tour of the production facility, the students not only gained an insight into the production process, but also learnt about the variety of different display and picking systems. Helgert had prepared a circuit diagram in advance in order to create a very specific, practical reference - those interested were able to lend a hand and test their skills and technical understanding in the construction of an LED circuit.


Crash course in LED technology

The Kemnath secondary school students were able to get an insight into the IT specialist for application development (m/f/d) in the field of computer science/IT. Trainer Moritz Busl, together with Helmut Landgraf and Konstantin Andes, presented basic information about the apprenticeship and the varied day-to-day work. The trio of IT specialists also gave a crash course on the basics of LED technology - tailored to the young target group, of course: This included, among other things, the fine structure of LED chips, which became clear when looking through a microscope. With the help of current/voltage curves, so-called oscillograms, the IT specialists made the difference between light bulbs and LED lighting clear - easy to understand, but no less exciting and memorable.


Reunion at the start of training?

For around three hours, the secondary school students experienced the LED technology world of microSYST. With literally "glowing" impressions and a microSYST sports bag with give-aways in their luggage, they travelled home with their teachers at lunchtime. Who knows, maybe we'll be seeing them again soon? At a training fair or as part of the microSYST team at the start of training ...