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LED displays for air quality

There is something in the air

CO2, ozone, fine dust - there's something in the air. Thanks to modern measuring technology, the manifold pollutants in the air we breathe can be measured very precisely. microSYST has expanded its range of applications for easy visualisation of specific emission values - bright LED displays are connected to the measuring sensors using microSYST's MKS software.

The software of the emission displays adapts to the data protocol of the measuring sensors and thus communicates easily and across manufacturers with any system. The connection is made via existing industrial interfaces, wired or wireless. Seven-colour spectrum, variable display and character height as well as single or multi-line display ensure best visibility and readability. An integrated brightness sensor as well as the pixel pitch of 4 or 8 mm guarantee optimal visibility. Whether indoors, outdoors, bright, dark, sunny or rainy: the LED displays are readable at up to 100 metres. The wide radiation of the LEDs ensures a large viewing angle.

Regardless of this, simple displays for integration in metal panels or pillars are available as well as full-surface LED display panels. From small to large format, almost anything is possible thanks to the modular design: up to eight square metres of display area, possibly more after technical inspection of the conditions on site, or multi-sided versions. A programmable colour change indicates when defined pollutant limits have been exceeded. In addition to numbers and letters, (warning) signs or instructions can also be set.