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LED technology for truck weighing systems

The weight always in view

With smart LED technology, microSYST makes weighing systems for trucks even more functional. A plus in safety, time savings, more comfort and ease of use can be achieved with high-contrast and easy-to-read LED weight displays.

Traffic light function for efficient processes, optical warning signals against overloading.

Whether underfloor or overfloor scales, axle load or wheel load, compact, mobile or permanently installed - microSYST displays adapt to the data protocol of the scales and thus communicate easily and across manufacturers with any scale system. The connection is made via existing industrial interfaces. Seven-colour spectrum in combination with variable display and character height as well as single- or multi-line display provide for quickly ascertainable information on the load quantity in real time. Characters, symbols or a traffic light function as well as automatic warning signals by flashing, for example in case of overloading, can be intuitively inserted with the help of the display software.  As the displays are completely matrix displays, a simple change of the weight units - from kilograms to tonnes or pounds - is guaranteed at any time.

Integrated brightness sensor withstands sun, rain, dust and much more.

LED displays are ideal even for extensive areas thanks to problem-free readability from a distance of up to 100 metres and a wide viewing angle. This is made possible by high-contrast LEDs and an integrated brightness sensor. The brightness sensor is indispensable for outdoor use to ensure constant reading conditions in sunlight, precipitation, twilight or dust. Dust or high vibrations do not slow down the display systems for scales: Special seals as well as the fanless and maintenance-free technology withstand even rough operating conditions without any problems, an optional vibration-proof mounting is prepared. At customer request, microSYST can also supply display housings made of stainless steel, for example for hygienically sensitive areas. The standard housing is made of light but robust aluminium profiles. Mounting on walls, ceilings or poles is sufficient for all conceivable application scenarios - so operators, loaders and drivers can always keep an eye on the weight.