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Certified quality management


"Best quality both inside and outside. You cannot see it but the components inside the microSYST displays meet the most demanding quality requirements and ensure an unbeatable sevice life."

– Harald Kilian, managing director and owner


A well thought out concept forms the basis

In order to design individual and high-quality displays for a wide variety of applications, comprehensive know-how as well as experience in the development of new products are required. The basis for the entire microSYST product portfolio is a well thought out concept, which runs like a red thread through the whole product life, from the very first day of development to the installation on customer’s premises. Wether customer-specific production or the delivery of standard components – quality is of top priority for microSYST. Resulting from the own quality requirements and for the benefit of our customers.


Quality at first glance: optics and haptics

Optics and haptics of the products are already convincing at first glance. Only high-quality materials – especially aluminium and stainless steel – are used in the production of displays and order picking systems. So, microSYST is able to combine a timeless look and a maximum material’s strength in practical use. The display systems have anthracite powder-coated aluminium profile housings as well as sturdy non-reflective filter discs – a consistent concept for an excellent protection and highest luminosity. For this reason, microSYST display systems are suitable even for extreme operating conditions – from the freezer to the heating room.


Quality at second glance: Maintenance-free components inside for a long service life

Also at second glance, the products of microSYST ensure a high-quality performance. Due to an intelligent heat management, the maintenance-free systems do not need any ventilation components in the housing. Conversely, no ventilation means no ingress of dust, dirt, moisture and interfering particles. The quality manufacturing in the closed system offers many years free of dirt as well as maintenance-free years and provides therefore the basis for an above-average long service life of the microSYST displays.


Effective: Certified according to DIN and regularly checked

Due to the high quality standards, the integrated quality management system has been certified according to DIN EN ISO 9001 in 2014. Since then this standard is regularly checked by independent institutions and its effectiveness is confirmed.


Quality one step further: regionality and sustainability

Quality means much more than optics, haptics or certifications. In addition to this, the quality standard for microSYST includes the commitment to regional sustainability and the highest level of customer satisfaction. Operating on a regional basis enables short logistics routes, a more cost-effective production process and therefore a fair value for money. Furthermore, the result of a regional production and value creation is a high level of flexibility, reliability as well as availability in all matters.



"We have many qualified companies in our region, why we should not use them as our suppliers or service providers?

– Harald Kilian, managing director and owner