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Truck call-up systems

Regarding logistics, time plays an important part. Several industries have to meet the requirements concerning increasing stocks and the large transportation volume.
Optimise your processes with our customer-specific call-up system.

Call up display with symbols, Dimensions approx. 150 x 50 cm
Call-up system with loud speakers, Dimensions approx. 120 x 100 cm
Two-line outdoor LED display panel for truck call-up with license plate, Dimensions approx. 180 x 70 cm
LED call-up display with status, Dimensions approx. 200 x 100 cm
Call-up system for trucks with license plates, Dimensions approx. 250 x 150 cm
Truck call up display, Dimensions approx. 110 x 70 cm
Outdoor truck call-up system with number and status, Dimensions approx. 175 x 130 cm
Outdoor cal-up system with 7 lines, Dimensions approx. 100 x 100 cm
Outdoor truck call-up system with truck numbers and gate, Dimensions approx. 175 x 130 cm

Product features

  • Efficient call-up system to manage and control transportation vehicles
    ✔   Display of call-up information
    Latest LED and TFT display technology
  • ✔  Permanent display for a 24-hours operation, 7 days a week

    Perfect reading conditions even at long distances
    (up to 120 meters; if required, longer distances possible)
    If required, additional features such as signal tones in the call-up process possible

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