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Display Systems for Public Areas, Cities & Communities

Whether in cities, in municipalities, in public squares or in infrastructural areas such as petrol stations - in public areas, authorities and companies are often faced with the challenge of conveying targeted information to large flows of people.

microSYST specialises in indoor and outdoor display systems that visualise information, graphics or videos "just in time". Thanks to the LED technology used, the systems are optimally readable even in sunlight and convince with a robust, maintenance-free design. For control purposes, microSYST supplies smart configuration software that can be used to import your information into the system and display it on the screen.

Interested? Then put your information on your display!


Customer benefits

  • Increase in the level of information through real-time information and visualisation around the clock
  • Information on various topics through flexible visualisation on the display system
  • Optimisation of traffic flows through targeted information
  • Sensitisation of the population to topics such as the environment and traffic