Displays for transport, environment and energy

In cities and municipalities, a lot of information is generated that is important for customers and citizens. By visualising the information in a targeted way, you can increase the level of information and sensitise your environment to important issues relating to transport, the environment and energy.

Use your display to visualise

  • Automated lock displays and text display boards for manual locks
  • Passenger information
  • Messages during fire operations
  • Measured values such as emission values, energy generated, water levels, weight, temperatures and many more
  • Available parking spaces
  • Temporary diversions with mobile display board
  • and many more
Visualisation of free parking spaces for electric vehicles, dimensions approx. 150 x 100 cm
Dynamic parking guidance system with real-time status, dimensions approx. 160 x 100 cm
Display of emission values in road traffic, dimensions approx. 100 x 75 cm
Passenger information display at S-Bahn stop, dimensions approx. 120 x 90 cm
Display on the exhibition grounds with overview of parking facilities and site plan, dimensions approx. 200 x 100 cm
Mobile display for visualisation of temporary diversions, dimensions approx. 120 x 50 cm
Display for current diversions or municipal announcements, dimensions approx. 130 x 80 cm
Warning display for fire brigade operations, dimensions approx. 80 x 30 cm
LED Lock Display of water levels and output of warnings, stainless steel housing, dimensions approx. 150 x 70 cm
Visualisation of water quality for the guests of a natural bath, dimensions approx. 120 x 50 cm
Visualisation of generated solar energy, dimensions approx. 180 x 60 cm
LED display for visualisation of wind park power, dimensions approx. 200 x 70 cm

The benefits of display systems   

  • Information in real time

    Whether for temporary diversions, measured and emission values or available parking spaces - visualise your information in real time and optimise capacitiy utilisation, processes and traffic flows.
  • Visualisation around the clock

    24 hours a day, 7 days a week - your display is designed for continuous operation and maintenance-free due to fanless operation.
  • Modular system for customised LED displays

    From the LED modules to the software, we manufacture your LED display according to your requirements - with suitable software and in ideal size!
  • Durable system with robust technology

    When manufacturing the display systems, microSYST relies on high-quality aluminium and, if required, on break-resistant plastic panels - for a durable and vandal-proof system.
  • Product features

    • Connection of telematics systems (GPS, GSM, etc.) for real-time information
    • Robust LED displays with aluminium or stainless steel housing (optionally with vandal-proof front panels)
    • Powerful LED technology with brightness sensor for outdoor use
    • TFT monitors with brilliant image
    • Display systems designed for permanent use   
    • Flexible layout for clear presentation of information   
    • Different character heights and multi-sided view for optimal readability

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