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Displays in the hygiene/food sector

Particularly the hygiene and food sector sets very strict guidelines and requirements concerning work environment and equipment. Specifically for this scope of protection, microSYST developed LED displays which comply with the standards required for usage in the hygiene and food sector.

Display in hygienic area with pressure value, dimensions approx. 60 x 20 cm
LED display panel in stainless steel housing with call data in the food area, dimensions approx. 100 x 20 cm
Stainless steel information display in the food area, dimensions approx. 100 x 20 cm
Four-sided information display in stainless steel housing, dimensions per side approx. 60 x 25 cm
Temperature display in the hygienic area, dimensions approx. 60 x 20 cm

Product features

  • ✔  Sturdy stainless steel housing with surface and front glass resistant to cleaning agents
    ✔  Smooth surface without creases or openings
    ✔  Bright and high-contrast displays
  • ✔  High protection category for usage in contaminated or humid environment
    ✔  Extensive operating temperature range -20...+50°C (without integrated heating or air conditioning)

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