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Displays suitable for extreme operating temperatures

The industrial sector includes many areas of application which are exposed to extreme temperatures – from painting halls to refrigerated warehouses. Electrical devices such as LED displays thus need to comply with a variety of conditions when used in areas of extreme temperatures.

Therefore, microSYST offers alternative displays with special equipping which are able to meet the high demands while maintaining the well-tried functionality and quality.

Display with safety glass for extreme temperature range, dimensions approx. 120 x 35 cm
LED display with built-in heating elements, dimensions approx. 350 x 200 cm
Display with temperature specifications for extreme operating temperatures, dimensions approx. 60 x 35 cm

Product features

  • ✔  Fortified heating integrated in housing and equipped with automatic switch-on
    ✔  Real glass screens respectively safety glass to grant temperature resistance and to prevent expansion

    Special power supplies resistant to higher temperatures

  • ✔  Additional mechanical modification respectively housing designed for cooling down the display
    ✔  Use of alternative seals and adhesives, e.g. for the front screen

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