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Target / actual displays


In the production process a large number of different performance data is generated, which provides information about the current productivity of the production plant. The target / actual displays by microSYST are made for the targeted visualisation of performance data and for the efficient communication to employees and all those involved in the process.

The displays will be configured individually according to your requirements and can display different production data, from target / actual data and trend values to graphical illustrations and diagrams. Due to the integrated control board average values will be calculated automatically and displayed according to customer’s requirements.

The LED displays are designed both for indoors and outdoors and have a modular structure – this means the size of the displays can be flexibly selected.

Outdoor target/actual display with weather protection roof, dimensions approx. 120 x 50 cm
Target-actual-failure display with labeling, dimensions approx. 60 x 30 cm
TFT monitor for presentation of production data target/actual trend data, 70 inches
Slim target/actual display for production area, dimensions approx. 50 x 16 cm
Nominal/actual display Quantity display, dimensions approx. 55 x 20 cm
Actual/target display for shift operation, dimensions approx. 60 x 55 cm
Graphic board with target/actual diagram, dimensions approx. 200 x 100 cm
Target/actual trend display LED scoreboard, dimensions approx. 100 x 16 cm

Product features

    • The target / actual display is individually configurable
    • Fixed labeling indicating the units, if required
    • Powerful and high-contrast display
    • Different character heights and display colours
    • Multi-sided view, if required
    • Designed for industrial use and for 24 hours / 7 days operation

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