Two young trainees begin their apprenticeship at microSYST


We sustainably strengthen our team with young talents and offer young people local career prospects. This kills two birds with one stone.“, points out Harald Kilian, owner and managing director of microSYST, who believes in company-based training. At the beginning of their apprenticeship on 1 september 2017, he welcomes two new young talents together with the managing directors Elke Bannert and Manuel Raß as well as the training supervisor for electronics technicians Gerhard Reindl.

Management Assistant and Electronics Technician

Michael Obermeier begins his training as a Management Assistant for Office Administration at the supplier of system electronics from Weiden. Jesanja Wiebe is more interested in a technical career, he begins his apprenticeship as an Electronics Technician for Equipment and Systems. microSYST now has eight trainees in total, this is an impressive trainee rate of 13 percent.

Relocation after a short acclimatisation period

The new professionals still have two weeks left at the current location in Weiden before the move into the new building located in the business park in Windischeschenbach next to the A 93. However, many new impressions and a really exciting start are waiting for the new trainees.

A high-quality apprenticeship and good chances of being taken onto the permanent workforce

As usual, microSYST offers the new trainees a promising future: for many years now, the trainees of microSYST are among the best in their age group and confirm hereby the high quality of the apprenticeship. Already for a long period, microSYST is meeting the challenge of the upcoming shortage of skilled professionals relating to the demographic change with its high-quality apprenticeship and the chance of continuing on with the company. So the chances of being taken onto the permanent workforce are very good, provided that the trainees have a bit of enthusiasm and commitment.

Training supervisor Gerhard Reindl as well as training supervisor and managing director Elke Bannert welcomed the new trainees Jesanja Wiebe and Michael Obermeier