LED displays for production machines

Four-sided visualisation optimises information flow and processes



Visualisation in 360 degree mode: microSYST makes this possible with its four-sided displays for production machines. Important information, production or process data are thus visualised over large areas and clearly visible from all directions.


Real-time for permanently increased information flow

Thanks to the real-time and panoramic display, the immediate information level of the employees increases - no matter whether current production figures, machine data, cycle times or plant status. The result: sustainable process optimisation and a permanently increased information flow. Thanks to the four-sided display option, all information can be viewed at any time. The used LED technology with variable character size additionally ensures best reading conditions from up to 50 meters.

Individual visualisation with flexible layers

The connection to common industrial interfaces, for example Ethernet, Profibus, Profinet, etc., is just as standard as the design up to protection class IP 65. In addition to the different character heights, the individual display of fonts, characters, graphics, interference codes or images in several layer levels ensures the best adaptability to the operating conditions and the specific visualisation purpose on site. The high-contrast LED technology in the seven-color spectrum is not only bright, but also designed for 24/7 continuous operation and absolutely maintenance-free.

Intelligent control logic

The integrated control electronics allow a specific programming of the display logic, the flexible adaptation of telegrams or a subsequent (re)programming. Even signal transmitters, such as light barriers or sensors as well as controls of production machines can be connected without problems.

Easy installation on existing or new machines

The display housing consists of a light as well as robust aluminum profile, which is designed for direct mounting on various machines. Whether retrofitting existing machines or expanding new machines: The installation effort is minimal, thus saving time and additional costs.

Do you also need a display for your production machines?

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