microSYST innovation: Mobile information system with LED technology

Flexibel by nature


Flexible by nature? A mobile display system that offers bright visualisation at any location with a self-sufficient power supply and LED technology? There are many uses for it: short-term traffic management, demand-oriented information for passersby, visitors or employees, warnings on roads, in parking lots or other areas.

Mobile information systems provide information just in time - at the right time, at the right place and permanently flexible even without an existing, fixed power supply. microSYST relies on particularly robust and maintenance-free modules for its new system, which can withstand continuous operation without any problems. Weather-resistant and fanless, bright LED technology offers problem-free reading conditions under all outdoor and weather conditions. The display size can be modulated up to around 150 x 150 centimetres - larger versions can be found in the portfolio for stationary use. The "installation" is practicably simple: mounting on mobile carts is possible, as is mounting on street lamps, signposts or tubular poles. Special precautions to protect against theft or vandalism round off the profile. As usual, microSYST implements further fastening or customisation options after consultation with the customer: "Our solutions are always oriented towards the customer's wishes, which is why specific variants are almost always possible," emphasises Harald Kilian, owner and managing director.

Mobile information system with parking information for visitors
Mobile information system with warnings for black ice
Mobile information system for short-term traffic diversions

The power supply is provided by batteries, solar or via cable - an interrupted, non-permanent power supply is also possible. microSYST estimates the battery life for the self-sufficient standard version at an average of 72 hours of continuous operation without recharging or solar support. This allows any text and graphics to be displayed, which are input via USB or WLAN with the help of the intuitively manageable configuration software. An integrated timer and date function allows the choice between direct display and time-controlled visualisation content. In addition, any sensors and actuators can be integrated via an interface: For controlling warning lights or barriers, for evaluation or conversion from radar, MOX and much more.

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