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13.06.2022 | Ikea logistics centre uses combination of pick-to-light and LED displays

It has to work as simply and comprehensibly as possible: At its logistics centre in Dortmund, IKEA relies on a combination of pick-to-light and additional visualisation via large LED displays. The technical components for this were supplied by microSYST.

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22.03.2022 | LED displays for air quality

CO2, ozone, fine dust - there's something in the air. Thanks to modern measuring technology, the manifold pollutants in the air we breathe can be measured very precisely. microSYST has expanded its range of applications for easy visualisation of specific emission values - bright LED displays are connected to the measuring sensors using microSYST's MKS software.

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12.03.2022 | LED displays prevent idling in automotive plant

Time is money, standstill is lost money. That is why several LED displays ensure smooth processes on a new line for drying and cooling powder-coated components at a German car manufacturer. For this purpose, industrial plant supplier GE&PM GmbH installed two line-oriented and one large-screen LED display from Microsyst Systemelectronic GmbH in the plant.

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26.01.2022 | microSYST can also do pick-by-scan

Probably the simplest method of paperless order picking? Pick-by-Scan: Barcodes and barcode scanners are the only requirements for simple, efficient, paperless and mobile order picking. But this does not mean that the ease of use and the logistical benefits are forgotten. For system electronics supplier microSYST, this is reason enough to offer their own order-picking portfolio with the pick-by-light method as well as the pick-by-scan method.

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