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21.08.2019 | Fire-resistant monitors with TFT display

microSYST expands its product range of industrial TFT monitors with a fire-resistant version. Classified according to „A2-s1, d0“ the 55-inch screens have an excellent fire behaviour. Furthermore, this special migra TFT-series combines the attributes „not flammable with flammable components“, no/little production of smoke“ as well as „no flaming droplets/particles“.

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30.07.2019 | microSYST’s first time as exhibitor at the Kommunale 2019

Municipal requirements summed up – fair slogan of the Kommunale 2019 in Nuremberg on the one hand. On the other hand, microSYST could not word it better: The manufacturer and supplier of system electronics not only shows the display technology at its booth during its fair debut but is also pointing out visualisation solutions for municipal needs – from energy revolution to New Mobility and smart parking concepts.

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08.07.2019 | microSYST has supplied LED displays for carbon-neutral ICE factory

Up to 50 meters reading distance – a character height of 120 mm and a crystal clear LED technology make this possible. In Europe’s most modern and top environmental Deutsche Bahn ICE factory large format LED displays made by the supplier of system electronics microSYST are now visualising important production data. Double-sided display screens ensure an efficient use of technology and a high level of information at the same time.

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19.06.2019 | LED displays in kaolin surface mining

Kaolin raw earth with its parts of kaolin, feldspar and quartz is an important raw material in many industries, especially in the ceramic, paper, glass and construction industry. The company „Amberger Kaolinwerke“ can look back on more than 185 years of surface mining. At that time the „Kaoliner“ still had to work without modern LED technology regarding visualisation. Today LED displays made by the supplier of system electronics microSYST ensure high visibility and reading distances, for example at the weighing stations of the modern sand and kaolin plants.

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23.05.2019 | LED displays made for difficult environmental conditions

Near the coast there are often gale-force winds. Especially for technical components this breeze is difficult to bear: high air humidity together with high salinity, gusts of wind as well as increased variations in temperature can be very stressfull for technical equipments and electronic devices. Therefore, a special equipment is absolutely indispensable; the supplier of system electronics microSYST combines appropriate components. In this way, various modules can be turned almost instantly into a quasi-standard custom-made product.

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18.03.2019 | LED timer made by microSYST in Hümmling Hospital’s shock room

In case of emergency, for the patient every second counts – everyday life in emergency rooms in German hospitals, also in the Hümmling Hospital Sögel gGmbH.  For the emergency-relevant visualisation of the time needed to take care for a patient, the hospital has invested in modern LED timer displays for the shock room. The supplier of system electronics microSYST has produced this technical component for the emergency care according to customer’s requirements – when every second counts.

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28.02.2019 | Report after the LogiMAT 2019 - Continuing growth brings Microsyst great fair days

61.740 trade visitors attended the LogiMAT 2019 within the three fair days – new record! Once again. Three consecutive years the trade fair has reported a double-digit growth regarding the number of visitors  (source: microSYST, as a long-time exhibitor was pleased about the once again increased number of visitors and according to this year’s LogiMAT slogan „Intelligent – Efficient – Innovativ“ welcomed many fair visitors at its own booth in hall 8.

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04.02.2019 | Visualisation of measured values - Productivity increases with the level of information

Only those who are well informed are pulling the (process) strings. In industry and in production a large number of measured values is produced whose determination and compliance have a significant influence on the quality of the manufacturing process, of the intermediate or end product. For the effective visualisation and monitoring of measured values the supplier of system electronics microSYST uses the wide range of the LED technology.

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