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migra – Graphics Compatible Large Format LED Displays

Modern LED display system with intelligent activation

Graphics and Text Compatible Large Format LED Displays are used for large-screen presentations of information. Digits, characters and graphics can be luminously displayed with high contrast in the required character height.

Benefits of the migra series

  • A modular system structure for customised LED displays
    Modular software platform, additional components and various LED modules – we produce your LED display according to your requirements - with a suitable software and the perfect size!
  • Suitable for industrial use - up to 16,7 Mio. display colours
    The migra large format LED displays are especially designed for industrial use and have high protection classes. Whether indoors or outdoors - with your migra you will be able to display your information, with up to 16,7 Mio. display colours!
  • Something special - additional equipment for your LED display system
    Whether special housings, a fixed labelling on the display or an equipment for special applications - we off er the appropriate equipment for your display!


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Modular, luminous and flexible

The internal bus system enables a modular system structure. Therefore, with regard to the range of features, numerous additional components can be added. To be able to enlarge the features free programming interfaces are available which guarantee a direct adaption to your own requirements.

Intelligent control electronics

The integrated control board is designed for independent calculations, reportings and the output of data and measured values. The „logic“of this display system can be factory-set or is programmable on site. Typical applications are, for example, programmable reactions to states and events with direct output to the display or to an interface.

Easy data transfer and configurable data processing

Due to the optimisation of the data interfaces (field bus interfaces) the integration to already existing systems will be significantly simplified for the user. The structure of the system is extremely user-friendly and intuitive, but nevertheless complex tasks can be solved easily by subsequent programming. The system can be easily and quickly adjusted to existing telegrams or to telegrams which cannot be changed by the customer – this happens by the possibility of direct assignment, evaluation and implementation of individual commands and values in the relevant data telegrams.

System architecture

LED display with up to 16,7 Mio. luminous colours for indoor or outdoor use

Equipped for every application - for indoor or outdoor use, we equip our LED displays with the appropriate equipment. LED displays with up to 16,7 Mio. luminous colours are used for a bright and high-contrast display image.


High quality housing

The large format LED displays are equipped with a high-quality housing. The standard housing is anthracite coloured and is made of powder-coated aluminium. Optionally, the housings can also be manufactured individually in other colours on request. The housing sizes are variable and depend on the size of the display area.

Customised size with single or multipage view

We deliver your display made to measure: the structure of the LED displays is modular in height and width. In addition to the single-sided view, we can also manufacture the LED display panels on several sides on request for optimum readability from different directions.

Various mounting types

microSYST offers different mounting types for every application. The displays are equipped as standard with mounting devices for wall mounting, ceiling mounting, floor mounting or built-in mounting.


Visualisation of numbers, texts, values and variables

  • Fixed, flashed, ticker, scrolling
  • Text attributes like font, bold, italics and colour
  • Formatting like left/right justified, centered and tabulators
  • Individual size, position and content of text fields
  • Unicode capable (Chinese, Cyrillic and many other character sets are also possible)

Visualisation of pictures and graphics

  • BMP-, PNG- or JPEG files
  • Lines, rectangles, triangles, circles, bargraphs
  • QR codes

Visualisation of stored texts and graphics

  • Integrated memory for retrieving stored data
  • Display of different changing images (texts, pictures or graphics)

Calculations, reportings and the output of data and measured values

  • Integrated control board for independent calculations, reportings and the output of data and measured values
  • Selection of the desired unit (e.g. measured value in cm) for visualisation on the LED display

Additional components

  • Acoustic and optical signal transmitters
    Signal lamps or loudspeakers for the reproduction of warning tones support the information transfer of the large displays and point out important information or border crossings.
  • Sensors
    With the help of sensors, measured values can be displayed in real time on the LED display (e.g. speed, temperature and humidity, physical pressure, etc.).
  • Real time clock / Timer
    If applications take place in connection with clock times or time measurements, a timer is used.
  • Further peripherals
    Additional components can be connected to the system via various interfaces. For example, light barriers and light scanners can be connected, which are used for moving objects.
    Common interfaces for the connection of additional components:
    • Ethernet, WLAN
    • Serial data input
    • Digital inputs and outputs
    • BCD
    • A-D converter
    • pulse counter

Fixed labelling

The microSYST displayboards can be supplied with fixed labelling. The lettering can be designed individually (e.g. with information or company logo).


Stainless steel housing

Stainless steel housings are used in areas of application with particularly high surface quality requirements (e.g. food industry, hygiene areas). Stainless steel housings have a high degree of purity and are particularly resistant to weathering and corrosion.


Real glass

Real glass panes are heat and weather resistant. They are therefore ideally suited for applications with extreme operating temperatures.


Vibration protection

For applications where there is a risk of vibration, special equipment may be fitted to the displayboards. Built-in dampers and safety devices mechanically decouple the display from vibrations, thus ensuring constant functionality and durability of the display.


Equipment for extreme temperature ranges

Industrial applications often involve extreme temperatures. microSYST offers various equipment variants for this purpose. For particularly low temperature ranges, microSYST equips LED display boards with heating elements, for example.


 migramigra Outdoor


Display typeLED dot matrix display
Pixel size / pixel pitch

P4: 3 mm / 4 mm
P8: 2,4 mm / 7,62 mm

P8: 2,6 mm / 8,0 mm
P16: 3,9 x 3,0 mm (oval) / 16 mm

Angle of radiationP4: 150° / 150°
P8: 120° / 120°

P8: 110° / 110°
P12: 110° / 60°
P16: 110° / 60°


P4: 64 x 16 pixels per module
P8: 32 x 16 pixels per module

P8: 32 x 16 pixels per module
P12: 16 x 16 pixels per module
P16: 16 x 16 pixels per module
Display size (W x H)

P4: 260 x 65 mm per module
P8: 244 x 122 mm per module

P8: 244 x 122 mm per module
P12: 187 x 187 mm per module
P16: 264 x 264 mm per module
Brightness controlautomatically or manually adjustable
Display colour

P4: 3 colours red, green and mixed colour (yellowish)
P8: up to 16,7 Mio. luminous colours

P8: up to 16,7 Mio. luminous colours
P12: 3 colours red, green and mixed colour (yellowish)
P16: 3 colours red, green and mixed colour (yellowish)
Viewsingle or multi-sided

Data input & presentation

Data input

selectable: Ethernet TCP/IP, WLAN, Profibus-DP, Profinet I/O RT, HTTP (server required),
Modbus TCP, Modbus RTU, Ethernet IP, EtherCAT, CANopen, DeviceNet, InterBus, USB. Serial,
A-D Converter, pulse input, binary, BCD, DVI

Configuration interfaceRS232, RS485, USB or Ethernet TCP/IP
Displayable charactersASCII character sets (20H...7FH), freely definable special characters and graphics
Character height |
Reading distances
P4 :
30 mm | 12 m
40 mm | 16 m
55 mm | 22 m
65 mm | 26 m
... | ...
50 mm | 20 m
75 mm | 30 m
100 mm | 40 m
120 mm | 50 m
... | ...
P8 :
50 mm | 20 m
75 mm | 30 m
100 mm | 40 m
120 mm | 50 m
... | ...
P12 :
75 mm | 30 m
110 mm | 45 m
160 mm | 65 m
180 mm | 75 m
... | ...
 P16 :
100 mm | 40 m
150 mm | 60 m
210 mm | 85 m
250 mm | 100 m
... | ...

Housing & Mounting


industrial version, powder coated aluminium

Housing colour

RAL 7016 (anthracite)
other colour on request


articulated arm, angle bracket, hanging with chain or mounting frame

Power supply

Operating voltage

230 VAC / 50 Hz, 110 VAC / 60 Hz
100 to 200 VAC, 50 to 60 Hz or 24 VDC ±20 %

Power consumption

max. 14 W / module (red, green and
mixed colour yellowish)
+ 5,0 W for control electronics microcontroller
(+ 30,0 W for IPC)
max. 15,0 W / module (red)
max. 25,0 W / module (red, green and
mixed colour yellowish)
+ 5,0 W for control electronics
P8 (7 colours):
max. 7,5 W / module (one colour)
max. 9,5 W / module (7 colours)
+ 5,0 W for control electronics microcontroller
(+ 30,0 W for IPC)
max. 20,0 W / module (red)
max. 35,0 W / module (red, green and
mixed colour yellowish)
+ 5,0 W for control electronics
max. 20,0 W / module (red)
max. 35,0 W / module (red, green and
mixed colour yellowish)
+ 5,0 W for control electronics

Environmental conditions

ProtectionIP54 or IP65IP44 or IP65
Operating temperature

0...+50 °C

standard: -20...+50° C

optional with heating: -25...+50° C

Storage temperature-25...+70 °C-25...+70 °C

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