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miline – Line-oriented LED displays

A modern LED display concept with a slim system structure – The main features of the new miline series are user-friendliness and flexibility. The line-based structure guarantees endless applications.

Benefits of the line-oriented LED displays

  • Optimised design and permanently ready for indoor or outdoor use
    Due to the light and compact construction you can install your miline display almost anywhere – and operate it permanently, 24 hours/7 days a week indoor or outdoor!
  • miline display - line by line
    Show all your information on your LED display - line by line! You want to display some more details? Then just put several miline displays one below the other.
  • Microcontroller system expandable by additional components
    We offer standardised units for different field bus systems, e.g. Profibus or Profinet. Configure your system – with one software for all units.


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Visualisation of texts

  • Your miline displays your texts – in different colours, standing, scrolling or flashing.
  • Your miline updates information – depending on the type with the help of text attributes such as tabs, colour switching and flashing of texts.
  • Your miline adapts to meet your requirements – show measured values in the correct formatting and adjust the font and background colours as required!

Visualisation of pictograms, pictures and graphic

  • Your miline displays your pictures – depending on the type BMP-, PNG- or JPEG files.
  • Your miline displays your graphics – display lines, rectangles and triangles, circles as well as bargraphs (with minimum or maximum values)

Visualisation of changing information

  • Display different information – and switch between different image contents.
  • Call up saved texts and graphics and inform all your employees!

Display, interfaces and view

  • Dot matrix display, high-contrast LEDs, high contrast: Visualise your texts and graphics on your displayboard and inform your employees!
  • Easy system integration with Profibus, Profinet, Ethernet and other interfaces: Connect your display to your system - via common interfaces on your display!
  • Readable from different viewing directions on up to 50 meters: Display your information on several sides and at the ideal character height - for optimal reading conditions at any distance!

Housing and mounting

  • Slim aluminium housing for wall or ceiling mounting: Mount your scoreboard in your workspace - simple and barrier-free.
  • Maintenance-free and suitable for industrial use: Due to the robust housing and fanless operation, you can use your display in an industrial environment.
 miline Indoor

miline Outdoor

miline Indoor

Resolution / Display surface

64 x 16 pixel /
approx. 490 x 122 mm

128 x 16 Pixel /
ca. 980 x 122 mm

32 x 16 pixel to 128 x 48 pixel /
256 x 128 mm to 1024 x 256 mm

128 x 32 px /
approx. 520 x 130 mm
Display type

LED dot matrix display

Pixel size / pixel pitch2,4 mm / 7,62 mm

2,6 mm / 8,0 mm

3,0 mm / 4,0 mm
Angle of radiation
(horizontal / vertical)
120° / 120°

110° / 110°

150° / 150°
Display colourup to 7 luminous colours
(red, green, blue, yellow, magenta, cyan, white)
3 luminous colours
red, green and mixed colour (yellowish)

Data input & presentation

Control unitcontroller (other control units on request)
Data input

selectable: Profibus-DP, Profinet I/O RT, Ethernet TCP/IP,
HTTP (server required), A-D Converter, digital input, pulse input, quarz clock, serial RS485 or RS232, timer

further data input  (z.B. CANopen, Ethernet IP, Modbus, ...) on request

selectable: Profibus-DP, Profinet I/O RT, Ethernet TCP/IP
further data input
(e.g. CANopen, Ethernet IP, Modbus, ...) on request
Configuration interface

standard USB (optional Ethernet TCP/IP), further interfaces on request

Displayable charactersASCII character sets (20H...7FH)
freely definable special characters and graphics as well as UNICODE
writeable over the entire display area
Character height |
Reading distances

50 mm | 20 m
75 mm | 30 m
100 mm | 40 m
120 mm | 50 m

52 mm / 21 m
76 mm / 30 m
108 mm / 43 m
124 mm / 50 m

30 mm | 12 m
40 mm | 15 m
55 mm | 22 m
65 mm | 28 m
85 mm | 35 m
105 mm | 42 m
120 mm | 50 m

Housing & mounting


industrial version, aluminum profile housing

Housing dimensions
(W x H x D)

64 x 16 px: 515 x 160 x 56 mm
128 x 16 px: 1000 x 160 x 56 mm

from 318 x 178 x 80 mmapprox. 580 x 160 x 56 mm
Housing colour

black, anodized


Wall mounting, optionally ceiling mounting

Power supply

Operating voltage100 to 240 VAC / 50 to 60 Hz, 24 VDC ±20 %
Power consumption

64 x 16 px: 15 W
128 x 16 px: 30 W

30 W per module (32 x 16 px)

61 W

Environmental conditions

ProtectionIP40 / IP65IP44 / IP65IP40 / IP65
Application areaindooroutdoorindoor
Operating temperature

0...+50 °C

standard: -20...+50° C
optional with heating: -25...+50° C

0...+50 °C
Storage temperature

-25...+70 °C

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