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mipan – Numeric Panel-Mount LED Displays

The panel-mount displays of the model series "mipan" are numeric LED compact displays with a panel-mount housing. They are used for applications with limited space. Furthermore, they have a compact design according to DIN standard. Digits, figures, codes and more can be visualised on the display.


Customer benefits

  • Increase in productivity
  • Reduction of errors
  • Optimised information transfer
  • Efficiency enhancement of processes
  • Automated success monitoring for employees


Case Studies

No news available.

Robust, luminous and compact

Due to the metal housing according to DIN dimensions, the display is ideally suited for industrial applications. The display is equipped with red luminous and high-contrast LEDs. A large operating voltage range ensures reliable operation even in case of voltage fluctuation.


Display with compact panel-mount housing

The LED panel-mount displays have an installation housing according to DIN standards and have a digit height of 13 mm. The panel-mount displays are single-lined and, depending on the model, 3 1/2 or 6 digits.

System integration via common interfaces

Regarding the system connection, following versions are available:


  • Display with A-D converter
  • Display with serial port (RS232, RS485 or TTY)
  • Display with fieldbus (Profibus-DP or Profinet IO RT)

Maintenance-free electronics

The panel-mount displays are designed for industrial applications and are equipped with durable and maintenance-free electronics.


 Profibus-DPProfinet IO RTSerialA-D Converter


Display type

7 segment LED

Display colour


Data input & presentation



Profinet IO RT  

RS232, TTY, RS485
(bus compatible)


Transmission rate

9,6 KBit/s to
12 MBit/s

100 Mbit/s

1,2 / 2,4 / 4,8 / 9,6 KBit/s

Addresses |


device name

01...99 |
even, odd, no

Displayable characters

0…9, H, E, L, P, -, Blank

0…9, A, b, c, d, E,
F, G, H, I, J, L,
n, o, P, q, r, S,
t, u, y, -, ., (, )  
0...9, A, b, C, d, E,
F, n, o, P, r, U, -, .
Digits |
character height |
reading distance
6 digits |
13 mm |
5 m
6 digits |
13 mm |
5 m      
6 digits |
13 mm |
5 m
3 1/2 digits |
13 mm |
5 m

Housing & mounting


DIN panel-mount housing, metal, surface finishing

Housing dimensions
(W x H x D)

96 x 24 x 60 mm

Power supply

Operating voltage

24 VDC ±20%
Current consumption

ca. 75 mA

ca. 75 mA120 mA40 mA

Environmental conditions

Protection front panel IP65

Operating temperature

0...+50° C

Storage temperature

-25...+70° C

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