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migra - Graphics Compatible Large Format LED Displays

Graphics and Text Compatible Large Format LED Displays are used for large-screen presentations of information. Digits, characters and graphics can be luminously displayed with high contrast in the required character height.

LED display with eight colours, Dimensions approx. 200 x 100 cm
Parking area display with user information, Dimensions approx. 64 x 20 cm
LED information display, Dimensions approx. 300 x 150 cm
Production data display with actual and target values, Dimensions approx. 200 x 100 cm
LED display with target and actual values, Dimensions approx. 60 x 20 cm
8-coloured LED display for visualisation of production data, Dimensions approx. 200 x 100 cm
Quantity display with two production lines, Dimensions approx. 150 x 100 cm
Cycle time display with two colours, Dimensions approx. 50 x 25 cm
LED display with actual target values, Dimensions approx. 80 x 40 cm
Measurement display with status information, Dimensions approx. 200 x 100 cm
Large format LED display with safety information, Dimensions approx. 200 x 100 cm
LED display for outdoor use, Dimensions approx. 150 x 50 cm

Product features

  • Suitable for industrial use and maintenance-free

    The Large Format LED Displays are specially designed for the permanent operation by using a sturdy powder-coated aluminium housing and specific components. Due to the maintenance-free system components, they are especially made for the daily use under rough industrial conditions both indoors and outdoors.

    Modular, highly luminous, flexible

    Due to the modular structure of our LED displays, the size, the screen resolution, the combination of alphanumeric and numeric LED modules or a customised label can be freely configured.

    microSYST uses standard components. Depending on customer‘s needs, the displays have a one-sided view or a view from many different sides.

  • An extensive range of display options

    In addition to different fonts there are many features which are included such as the inserting of variables, text storage, the function to display a bargraph or a moving text, scrolling, blinking and the automatic brightness adjustment and furthermore, the following options also can be used: inputs for analogue activation, counting function or binary coded activation.

    Different interfaces

    With regard to the system connection, there are conventional interfaces such as Ethernet, WLAN, USB and also the serial interfaces PROFIBUS, PROFINET as well as additional field buses and A/D converter, pulse counter, RTC, I/O, BCD, binary interfaces or DVI.

New activation concept with intelligent control electronics

microSYST combines the latest display technology and the intelligent compact control in one new product: the new generation of the migra LED displays is a display system meeting future requirements and saving energy using the latest LED technology.

  • Intelligent control electronics

    The integrated control board is designed for autonomous determinations, calculations and recording of measurement values. By using the configuration software, the control board will be adjusted and supplied with data. In addition to this, the display system can be used as a self-sufficient small control system for different purposes.

    The „logic“ of this display system can be factory-adjusted or is programmable on site.Typical applications are, for example, programmable reactions to conditions and events with a direct output on the display or on an interface.

    Combination of different control systems

    The internal bus system of the migra display systems allows a modular and simple system structure. Therefore, various components can be connected to the system at the same time and combined with each other. So, the range of features is optionally upgradeable.

    The parameters for the system components will be comfortably adjusted by a PC software.

    Easy adjustment to already existing data telegrams

    The migra telegrams can be directly adjusted to customer’s data telegrams.

  • Simplification of the data transfer regarding field bus interfaces

    By optimising the data interfaces (field bus interfaces) the integration to already existing systems will be simplified for users.

    Configurable data processing

    The processing of different data, signals and information is freely configurable and works without any additional control system.

    Optionally upgradeable range of features

    The bus system of the migra Large Format LED Displays allows a modular and simple system structure. Therefore, the range of features is optionally upgradeable by, for example, sensors for the signal output, sound modules as well as additional peripherals.

  • System architecture

  • Customer benefits

    ✔  Simplified project planning by supporting functions when collecting, evaluating and visualising of data

    Perfect readability and remarkable display due to highly luminous LEDs

    Clear presentation of complex information by using up to 7 luminous colours (RGB)

    Bidirectional data exchange by combining different factory-adjusted I / O modules

    Cross-system communication solutions due to numerous existing modules made for industrial conditions

    System solutions which are easy to implement due to individual software project planning

    System ready for connection, manufactured and parameterised according to customer‘s requirements




Display and view

microSYST offers a variety of alphanumeric LED displays both for indoor and outdoor applications. The displays are almost fully scalable. The display area is not limited due to the positioning of the LEDs on the entire surface.

Depending on the application and reading distance, different character heights can be provided. The displays are available with up to 8 colours (black, red, green, blue, yellow, cyan, magenta, white).

Both the character heights and the display view of the LED displays are variable. As standard, the LED displays are available in a single-sided or double-sided version. At  the customer’s request, microSYST also manufactures displays which can be seen from many different sides.

Operation of the system

The new control concept of microSYST‘s migra display systems is based on an integrated control board, guaranteeing a smart user interface. This integrated control board is designed for autonomous determinations, calculations as well as recording of measurement values. By using a configuration software, the control board will be adjusted and supplied with data.

The system works either as an autonomous system (after one-time initial configuration) or can be connected with an higher-level system (e.g. merchandise management systems, PLC or HMI).
Common industrial interfaces e.g. PROFIBUS, PROFINET, Ethernet, WLAN or analog are available in order to connect the system.

Additional features

Due to the modular structure, the LED displays are optionally expandable by customised components and features.

Acoustic and optical signaling devices

Signal lamps or loudspeakers used for the reproduction of warning signals support the transmission of information and indicate important information or the exceedance of allowable values. 


Due to sensors, measured values can be displayed in real time (e.g. velocity, temperature, humidity, physical pressure etc.).

Further peripherals

By using various interfaces further components can be connected to the system.
For example, light barriers and scanners used for movable objects can be additionnally connected.
Common interfaces for the connection of additional components are:
  • Serial data input
  • BCD
  • Real time clock / Timer
  • Digital in- and outputs
  • A/D converter
  • Pulse counter

Housing and assemly

Standard housing

The migra Large Format LED Displays made by microSYST are equipped with a high-quality housing. The large format LED displays have a standard anthracite powder-coated aluminium housing. Upon request, the housing can also be produced according to customer’s needs in other colours. The sizes of the housing are variable depending on the size of the display surface.


Mounting methods

Depending on the application, microSYST offers different mounting methods. As standard, the displays are equipped with mounting devices made for wall mounting, ceiling mounting, base mounting or flush mounting.

Rigid wall mounting with mounting brackets

Inclinable wall mounting with flexible hinge

Ceiling mounting with bracktes or eyelets

Base mounting fixed on the floor

Mast mounting with mast clamps

Mounting frame

Special equipment

Customised label

The displays made by microSYST can be equipped with a customised label. It will be designed according to customer’s requirements, e.g. with any information or a company logo.

Stainless steel housing

Stainless steel housings are used  for applications with special requirements to the surface quality (e.g. food industry, hygienic areas etc.). These housings have a special degree of purity and are extremely weather-proof and corrosion-resistant.

Real glass

The advantage of real glass is the heat and weathering resistance. Therefore it is ideally suitable for applications with extrem operating temperatures.

Vibration protection

For applications with the risk of vibration, microSYST offers LED displays with special equipment. Due to dampers and securing devices the display will be mechanically decoupled from vibration and the constant functionality will be ensured.

Equipment for extreme temperature ranges

With regard to industrial applications, the LED displays can possibly be exposed to extreme temperatures. For this, microSYST offers different equipments, for example built-in heating elements at especially low temperature levels.
migramigra Outdoor

Display typeLED dot matrix display
Pixel size / pixel pitch

P4 : 3 mm / 4 mm
P8 (3 colours): 2,4 mm / 7,62 mm
P8 (7 colours): 2,4 mm / 7,62 mm

P8: 2,6 mm / 7,62 mm
P12: 3,9 x 3,0 mm (oval) / 12 mm
P16: 3,9 x 3,0 mm (oval) / 16 mm

Angle of radiationP4: 150° / 150°
P8 (3 colours): 150° / 150°
P8 (7 colours): 120° / 120°

P8: 60° / 60°
P12: 110° / 60°
P16: 110° / 60°


P4: 64 x 16 pixels per module
P8 (3 colours): 64 x 16 pixels per module
P8 (7 colours): 32 x 16 pixels per module

P8: 32 x 16 pixels per module
P12: 16 x 16 pixels per module
P16: 16 x 16 pixels per module
Display size (W x H)

P4: 260 x 65 mm per module
P8 (3 colours): 488 x 122 mm per module
P8 (7 colours): 244 x 122 mm per module

P8: 244 x 122 mm per module
P12: 187 x 187 mm per module
P16: 264 x 264 mm per module
Brightness controlautomatically or manually adjustable
Display colourred, red/green or mixed colour (yellowish)
up to 7 luminous colours (red, green, blue, yellow, magenta, cyan, white)
Viewsingle or multi-sided
Data input &
Data input

selectable: Ethernet TCP/IP, WLAN,
Profibus-DP, Profinet I/O RT, Modbus TCP, Modbus RTU, Ethernet IP, EtherCAT, CANopen, DeviceNet, InterBus, USB. Serial,
A-D Converter, pulse input, binary, BCD, DVI

Configuration interfaceRS232, RS485, USB or Ethernet TCP/IP
Displayable charactersASCII character sets (20H...7FH), freely definable special characters and graphics
Character height |
Reading distances

P4 :
30 mm | 12 m
40 mm | 16 m
55 mm | 22 m
65 mm | 26 m
... | ...
50 mm | 20 m
75 mm | 30 m
100 mm | 40 m
120 mm | 50 m
... | ...
P8 :
50 mm | 20 m
75 mm | 30 m
100 mm | 40 m
120 mm | 50 m
... | ...
P12 :
75 mm | 30 m
110 mm | 45 m
160 mm | 65 m
180 mm | 75 m
... | ...
-P16 :
100 mm | 40 m
150 mm | 60 m
210 mm | 85 m
250 mm | 100 m
... | ...
Housing & Mounting

industrial version, powder coated aluminium

Housing colour

RAL 7016 (anthracite)
other colour on request


articulated arm, angle bracket, hanging with chain or mounting frame

Power supply
Operating voltage

230 VAC / 50 Hz, 110 VAC / 60 Hz or 24 VDC ±20 %

Power consumption

max. 7,9 W / module (red)
max. 14 W / module (red, green and
mixed colour yellowish)
max. 15,0 W / module (red)
max. 25,0 W / module (red, green and
mixed colour yellowish)
+ 5,0 W for control electronics
P8 (3 colours):
max. 9,2 W / module (one colour)
max. 23 W / module (3 colours)
+ 5,0 W for control electronics microcontroller
(+ 30,0 W for IPC)
max. 20,0 W / module (red, green or
mixed colour yellowish)
max. 35,0 W / module (red, green and
mixed colour yellowish)
+ 5,0 W for control electronics
P8 (8 colours):
max. 7,5 W / module (one colour)
max. 9,5 W / module (8 colours)
+ 5,0 W for control electronics microcontroller
(+ 30,0 W for IPC)
max. 20,0 W / module (red, green or
mixed colour yellowish)
max. 35,0 W / module (red, green and
mixed colour yellowish)
+ 5,0 W for control electronics
Environmental conditions
ProtectionIP54 or IP65IP65
Operating temperature

0...+50 °C

standard: -20...+50° C

optional with heating: -25...+50° C

Storage temperature-25...+70 °C-25...+70 °C

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Display colour: red
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Display technology: LED
Reading distance: indication in m (guidance values):  
Display size: indication in cm (guidance values): Width   x Height
Housing colour: standard: RAL 7016 (anthracite)
other: RAL 
Mounting: rigid wall mounting
inclinable wall mounting
ceiling mounting
pole mounting
panel mounting
Accessories: labelling:  
acoustic signals (e.g. speakers):
optical signals (e.g. signal lamp):
sensors (z.B. light barriers or sensors):
View: single-sided
Data input: Ethernet TCP/IP WLAN
Profibus-DP Profinet I/O RT
Modbus TCP Modbus RTU
Ethernet IP EtherCAT
CANopen DeviceNet
Interbus USB
Serial A-D Converter
Pulse counter Binary
Configuration interface: USB (standard) Ethernet TCP/IP
RS232 RS485
Application area: industrial environment
public area
Environmental conditions:     no sunlight
indirect sunlight (e.g. low sun)
direct sunlight
high dust load
high humidity / rainfall
low environmental temperature (minimum:  )
high environmental temperature (maximum:   )
hygiene / food sector with special protection demanding
Protection: IP54 (full touch protection, protection of dust deposits inside, protection against water spray)
IP65 (full touch protection, protection of dust inside, protection against water jets)
Operating voltage: 230 VAC / 50 Hz
110 VAC / 60 Hz
24 VDC ±20 %
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