mipan - Numeric Panel-Mount LED Displays

The panel-mount displays of the model series "mipan" are numeric LED compact displays with a panel-mount housing. They are used for applications with limited space. Furthermore, they have a compact design according to DIN standard. Digits, figures, codes and more can be visualised on the display.

numeric panel-mount display 4-digit, Dimensions approx. 96 x 24 mm (KPN1LE1-I8121462-000)
numeric panel-mount display 4-digit, Dimensions approx. 48 x 24 mm (KAD1LE1-G4121262-000, 3SB41 01-1AD)
numeric panel-mount display 6-digit, Dimensions approx. 144 x 48 mm (KSI6LE1-K8121662-000)
numeric panel-mount display 6-digit, Dimensions approx. 96 x 24 mm (KPB1LE1-I8121462-002, 3SF41 03-1BG)
numeric panel-mount display for a control cabinet, Dimensions approx. 96 x 24 mm (KAD1LE1-I4121462-000, 3SB41 01-1BD)
numeric panel-mount display for a control cabinet, Dimensions approx. 96 x 48 mm (KAD1LE1-K4121562-000, 3SB41 01-1CD)

Product features

  • Robust, luminous and compact

    Due to the metal housing according to DIN dimensions, the display is ideally suited for industrial applications. The display is equipped with red luminous and high-contrast LEDs. A large operating voltage range ensures reliable operation even in case of voltage fluctuation.

    Various housing designs and character heights

    The LED panel-mount displays are available in various housing designs. The character heights range from 13 mm, 20 mm to 30 mm.

    The numeric panel-mount displays are single-spaced and have 3 1/2, 4 or 6 digits, depending on the model.

  • System integration via common interfaces

    Regarding the system connection, following versions are available:

    • Display with A-D converter
    • Display with serial port (RS232, RS485 or TTY)
    • Display with fieldbus (Profibus-DP or Profinet IO RT)

    Maintenance-free electronics

    The panel-mount displays are designed for industrial applications and are equipped with durable and maintenance-free electronics.

Customer benefit

  • ✔ Increase in productivity

    ✔ Reduction of errors

    ✔ Optimised information transfer

  • ✔ Efficiency enhancement of processes

    ✔ Automated success monitoring for employees

Profibus-DPProfinet IO RTSerialA-D Converter

Display type

7 segment LED

Display colour

Data input & presentation


Profinet IO RT  

RS232, TTY, RS485
(bus compatible)


Transmission rate

9,6 KBit/s to
12 MBit/s

100 Mbit/s

1,2 / 2,4 / 4,8 / 9,6 KBit/s

Addresses |


device name

01...99 |
even, odd, no

Displayable characters

0…9, H, E, L, P, -, Blank

0…9, A, b, c, d, E,
F, G, H, I, J, L,
n, o, P, q, r, S,
t, u, y, -, ., (, )  
0...9, A, b, C, d, E,
F, n, o, P, r, U, -, .
Digits |
character height |
reading distance
6 digits |
13 mm |
5 m
6 digits |
13 mm |
5 m
6 digits |
13 mm |
5 m

4 or 6 digits |
20 mm |
8 m

4 digits |
30 mm |
12 m
3 1/2 digits |
13 mm |
5 m

3 1/2 digits |
20 mm |
8 m
Housing & mounting

DIN panel-mount housing, metal, surface finishing

Housing dimensions
(W x H x D)

minimal 48 x 24 x 60 mm
maximal 144 x 48 x 60 mm

Power supply

Operating voltage

24 VDC ±20%
Current consumption

ca. 75 mA

ca. 75 mA13 mm | 6 digits:
120 mA

20 mm | 4 / 6 digits:
120 mA / 150 mA

30 mm | 4 digits:
160 mA
13 mm | 3 1/2 digits:
40 mA

20 mm | 3 1/2 digits:
70 mA
Environmental conditions
Protection  front panel IP65

Operating temperature

0...+50° C

Storage temperature

-25...+70° C

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Device specification:

Display type: 7-segment LED
Display content: numeric
Deployment: indoor use
Lines: 1
Interface: Analogue input
2x Profinet IO RT (with integrated switch)
character height: 13 mm (reading distance: approx. 4 m)
character height: 20 mm (reading distance: approx. 8 m)
character height: 30 mm (reading distance: approx. 12 m)
Digits: 3 1/2
LED colour: red
Operating voltage: 24 VDC ±20 %
Dimension inscription: no label
Mounting: screw clamps
Protection: front panel IP65
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