graphics-compatible TFT industry monitors

migra TFT - TFT Industry Monitors

Key figures, texts, graphics and video recordings - all around the clock. The requirements for visualization systems in the trade or in the industry are high. One technology that covers all factors is TFT industrial monitors.

Industrial monitor for visualisation of target/actual trend data in the assembly area, 75 inch (dimensions approx. 165 x 93 cm)
Production data display TFT industrial monitor, 75 inch (dimensions approx. 165 x 93 cm)
Industrial monitor for visualising production performance as a bar chart, 65 inch (dimensions approx. 143 x 80 cm)
Industrial monitor as status display in production, 55 inch (dimensions approx. 120 x 68 cm)
Picking performance TFT industrial monitor, 46 inch (dimensions approx. 100 x 55 cm)
Solar display TFT industrial monitor, 42 inch (dimensions approx. 94 x 53 cm)
TFT monitor with driving times, dimensions approx. 110 x 40 cm
TFT monitor with ceiling mounting, 46 inch (dimensions approx. 100 x 55 cm)
Ceiling mount for TFT monitors
Inclinable wall mount for TFT monitors

The benefits of the TFT industry monitors

  • A high-resolution LCD display with a high contrast

    Whether texts, images, graphics or videos - use the versatile display options of your TFT monitor!

  • Easy activation via PC

    Activate your TFT monitor via your PC or via an integrated PC in the monitor - for the display of large illustrations!

  • For industrial use 24/7 and in different sizes

    Continuous operation 24/7, up to IP65 and up to 75“- the TFT monitors are made for any possible application!

Technical Data

Diagonal42" / 106 cm46" / 119 cm55" / 139 cm65" / 164 cm75" / 190 cm
Active Display Area
(h x v)
approx. 935 x 527 mmapprox. 1022 x 577 mmapprox. 1214 x 685 mmapprox. 1431 x 806 mmapprox. 1650 x 928 mm
Resolution (pixels)min. 1920 x 1080, up to 4K
Viewing angle178°
Brightnessmin 450 cd/m2
Protective glassanti-reflection, min. 85 % light transmission (typical)
optional ESG / VSG
Environmental conditions
IP protection classIP54, IP65
Operating temperature
0° C to +40 °C / +45° C
Extended temperature rangeOption on request

Storage temperature

-20° C to +60° C
10 % to 90 % (non-condensing)
                        Energy characteristics
Power supply115 - 230V AC, 50 / 60Hz
Dimensions and weight
H x W x D

approx. 638 x 1045 x 144 mm

approx. 695 x 1151 x 114 m approx. 780 x 1310 x 147 mmapprox. 894 x 1519 x 146 mmapprox. 1025 x 1746 x 217 mm
Weight (+/- 10 %)approx. 40 kgapprox. 45 kgapprox. 56 kgapprox. 70 kg(+/-10%) approx. 100 kg


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