mipick LPOS - Light Position System

Using order picking systems efficiently and flexibly – many industrial sectors demand high standards of order picking systems. Especially small parts warehouses and picking areas, where pallets or containers systems such as small and large containers are used, require precise and flexible order picking systems.

Therefore, microSYST developed a light positioning system (LPOS) which combines flexibility, efficiency and variability within one system.

Product pictures

Laser Position System LPOS with 32 lasers, Dimensions approx. 100 x 60 cm
Adjustment screws on the rear panel for laser alignment
Laser Pick Position System LPOS with 8 lasers, Dimensions approx. 60 x 30 cm
Illumination of a shelf compartment with laser light spot (animated light beam in picture)
Laser position indicator marking a pallet position (animated light beam in picture)
Picking instructions by laser marking small part warehouses on pallets (animated light beam in picture)
Laser position system with special equipment for protection class IP54 and special frame construction (animated light beam in picture)
Marking of two pallets using a laser position system (picture shows crossing laser beams, animated light beam in picture)

New LPOS series with LED spots

    • Positioning displays called LPOS with luminous LED spots
    • Spots with various display colours
    • Modular integration into the mipick system

    The positioning displays „mipick LPOS“ with LED spots are also suitable for illuminating complete order picking areas.

    The spot is designed to be rotatable as required as well as focusable to different distances – and therefore it is made for individual use!

    Product features

    • Positioning Lasers and Spots with adjustable beam direction

      The light positioning system is equipped with laser pointers that can be adjusted in different directions by adjusting screws. Thus, the display is able to illuminate various picking areas - even if they may be located laterally - from a fixed central position.

      Focus on far distances

      The laser and spot beams can be focused even on far distances. This ensures glare-free illumination of the picking surfaces at all time at any desired operating site due to the system´s flexibility.

    • Space-Saving and Barrier-Free

      The ceiling mount saves space and helps with keeping the workplace barrier-free. All other inventory is not affected. Additionally, no changes to current equipment are needed for installation.

      Modular System Setup

      The modular system configuration of the mipick LPOS allows for the connection of several laser positioning systems and thus grants a flexible and easy way to adjust the system to the individual needs on site.

    Customer’s Benefits

    • ✔  Increased picking performance
      ✔  Minimised error rate while picking
      ✔  An efficient order picking system with a short payback period
      Precise picking even from a distance with adjustable and focusable laser and spots (e.g. Ceiling heights of 20 meters)
    • ✔  Increased throughput rate
      ✔  Smooth and resource friendly performance
      Barrier-free system – current equipment not impaired

    Application areas of Laser Positioning Systems

    • Illumination of single / picking trays
    • Controlling and supervisory monitoring e.g. in vehicle construction and engineering
    • Visual guidance through process sequences e.g. for several work steps
    • Universal use as process-accompanying display
    mipick LPOS

    with laser
    with LED spots
    Light source

     Laser beam

    LED spot
    Display colourred
    other colours upon request
    red, green, white, blue
    other colours upon request
    Quantity / Specification

    Arbitrary / Laser Class 1 (<0,4 mW), Wavelength 650 nm
    optionally Laser Class 2 (<1 mW), Wavelength 635 nm / Plastic Lens




    Data Input & Power Supply

    Data input

    selectable: Ethernet TCP/IP, WLAN,
    Profibus-DP, Profinet I/O RT, Modbus TCP, Modbus RTU, Ethernet IP, EtherCAT, CANopen, DeviceNet, InterBus, USB, Serial, binary

    Operation voltage

    230 VAC / 50 Hz, 110 VAC / 60 Hz or 24 VDC ±20 %

    Power consumptionapprox. 0,15 W / laser
    + approx. 3,0 W for control electronics
    approx. 4,0 up to 6,0 W/ spot depending
    on the colour
    + approx. 3,0 W for the control electronics

    Housing & mounting


    industrial version, powder coated aluminium

    Housing colour

    RAL 7016 (anthracite)


    Mounting Holes in Upper Side of Housing

    Environmental conditions

    ProtectionTop/Sides: IP40
    Bottom: IP10 (Light Opening)
    Upon request, a higher protection class is feasible

    Operating temperature

    0...+50 °C

    Storage temperature

    -25...+70 °C

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