mipick SCAN - Order picking with barcode scanner

With the help of a barcode scanner, your picking process becomes simple, efficient and paperless. Thanks to its high quality, the scanner is ideally suited for use in the industrial sector and is mobile.

Mobile hand-held scanner for scanning barcodes or QR codes
Scanning of barcodes for order picking
Scanner display for displaying order data

The benefits of mipick SCAN

  • Reduce your picking errors

    The positions to be picked will be determined and identified with scanners – order picking errors will be reduced!

  • Minimise of picking times due to paperless order picking

    By the use of scanners the order picking process will be paperless and the picking times will be significantly reduced.

  • A durable system

    microSYST focuses on offering high-quality and robust Pick-by-Scan systems – for operation in industrial applications, also in dusty picking environments.


  • Mobile hand scanner for paperless picking
  • Easy system connection, e.g. via Bluetooth or WI-FI
  • 1D or 2D barcode scanners
  • Integrated touch display with details of the customer order
  • Transmission of shortages and acknowledgement of order picking processes


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