leanwork STATION

Paperless Worker Guidance with Pick-by-Light Assistance

  • Lasting reduction of processing and assembly times
  • Ergonomic and efficient workstation design
  • Minimal costs for post-processing
  • Reduced work-order throughput time
  • Significantly improved quality

The leanwork STATION is a preconfigured overall concept for reliable processing and assembly which takes advantage of the Pick-to-Light method. It’s targeted at quick and simple implementation of a picking system located in direct proximity to assembly workstations. Since there’s no need for time-consuming server installation or external software settings, initial start-up can be performed very quickly by the user.

The system consists of a top quality industrial PC with touch-screen, preinstalled and configured software for operator guidance and “mipick MP” Pick-to-Light displays.

Further information is available at www.leanwork-group.de/industrialwiki/bin/view/Homepage/WebHome.

Technical Data

Pick-to-Light display system features:

  • robust aluminium conduit shaft
  • simple installation and wiring
  • for industrial applications

mipick MP display:

  • 2 digit, 7 segment display for displaying withdrawal quantities
  • 2 indicator LEDs, one of which is multi-coloured for identifying storage locations
  • robust metal acknowledgement push-button for acknowledging withdrawals
  • 2 membrane keys (+ and -) for correcting values
  • position display (top/bottom)
  • display size: 80 x 30 x 27 mm (w x h x d)

Cabel conduit profile:

  • aluminium anodized
  • cross-section: 30 x 27 mm (H x T)
  • mipick modules mounted to the top profile
  • bar stock in 3 m lengths

DESC operator guidance features:

  • any number of product variants
  • any number of classification criteria
  • bill of materials for each variant
  • rule-based features evaluation
  • user interface at the screen can be laid out as desired
  • open and expandable
  • database structure disclosed allowing for project-specific data import
  • single station or server solution
  • more information

Industrial PC performance features:

  • tablet PC for industrial use
  • display: min. 15" touch-screen
  • processor: min. Intel Atom Dual Core
  • RAM: min. 2 GB DDR2 RAM
  • hard disk: min. 40 GB
  • interfaces: USB, Ethernet and others
  • protection: IP54 (front IP65)
  • Windows 7



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