mison - Customer-specific Product Development


Where hardware development is concerned, microSYST takes advantage of applications which support the creation of circuit diagrams and layouts, as well as initial EMC simulations, in an integrated fashion.

  • Component selection: Always up-to-date – thanks to in-house purchasing, we’re always on the ball concerning what’s available from the components market. This makes it possible for us to react quickly when components are discontinued, and to work out a solution in cooperation with you (select a replacement or launch a redesign).
  • Circuit diagram / layout: An EMC compliant layout is already adhered to when the circuit diagrams are created. The circuit diagram is implemented 1-to-1 in the layout. Routing is not performed by the PC, but rather by the layout engineer. Optimised conductor path routing is thus assured, with regard to EMC as well. Whether the PCB is single-sided or multilayer, rectangular or round, microSYST consistently implements the customer’s desires and requirements.  
  • Prototypes: PCB prototypes are usually assembled in-house. They’re used on the one hand for software development (for microcontroller applications), and on the other hand for testing the hardware and any mechanical considerations (installation into a housing etc.).
  • Technologies:
    - Analogue circuits
    - Digital circuits: microcontroller applications(ATMEL, NEC, MICROCHIP, PIC, etc.)
    - Interfaces: RS232, RS485, USB etc.
    - Fieldbuses: Profibus-DP, Profinet, Ethernet TCP/IP, CANopen etc.


Professional tools are available to our engineers for the implementation of any and all requirements in the area of software development.

  • Microcontrollers: Various high level language compilers are used in order to be able to programme all common microcontrollers. For example, tools from ATMEL, MICROCHIP and NEC are utilised.
  • PC software: For the most part, PC applications are programmed with leading tools from renowned manufacturers in order to assure compatibility in the future as well. Amongst others, applications include entry, control and   evaluation software, as well as test and inspection software.
  • Programming languages: In addition to Assembler, C and C++ are used primarily for programming microcontrollers. PC software is usually created with Visual Basic, C++ or C#.


  • Prototype fabrication: Components are inserted into the PCBs, and they’re completely assembled at our facilities during the prototype phase. Experienced employees in the insertion and assembly departments ensure top quality prototypes.
  • Pre-production series: A pre-production series is launched after successful completion of the prototype phase. The product is manufactured under close to series conditions, and is subjected to all applicable tests. Series production is begun after successful pre-production.
  • Series production: microSYST collaborates with highly competent partners in order to assure quick, trouble-free series production. Our in-house purchasing department procures all of the necessary components, so that we can react quickly to changing market conditions.


Do you have an assembly which is no longer up-to-date? Has your previous supplier discontinued your assembly? We’d be more than happy to help! Together with you, we’ll work out a cost-effective and quick solution by either locating a replacement or redesigning the current component.


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