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mipick – Picking System Accessories

Pick-by-Light systems "Made in Germany"

To expand your mipick system, we offer various accessories that optimally complement your order picking process.


  • Connection of (label) printers
  • Easy integration into the mipick system
  • Printing of shipping labels or information regarding picked goods

Light grid

  • Funktion: Fach-Eingriffskontrolle mit nahezu kompletter Griffbereich-Abdeckung
  • Auch nachträglich nachrüstbar (je nach Anlage nach Absprache)
  • Montage meist an zusätzlichen Vorrichtungen
  • Optische und auf Wunsch akustische Hinweise auf Fehler

Light sensor

  • Functioning: automatic acknowledgement and partial monitoring of the parts taken and collected by using a light beam
  • Can also be retrofitted
  • Easy mounting directly in the installation channel


  • Mobile hand scanner for paperless picking
  • Easy system connection, e.g. via Bluetooth or WI-FI
  • 1D or 2D barcode scanners
  • Integrated touch display with details of the customer order
  • Transmission of shortages and acknowledgement of order picking processes

Signal devices

  • Connection of signal devices such as loudspeakers or warning lights
  • Easy integration into the mipick system
  • Used for warning messages or for system errors


  • Connection of visualisation systems
  • Display of order picking performances, current stocks, hall layouts etc.
  • Latest LED and TFT technology
  • Easy integration into the mipick system


  • Easy integration into the mipick system
  • High-quality scales for industrial applications
  • Automatic calculation of the article weight in order to verify the quantity to be picked
  • 100% control of the picking process for stock reliability

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