Display Systems

Display systems are ideally suitable for the visualisation of information. Typical applications are places (for example production facilities or reception areas) where many people shall receive the same information.

microSYST’s display systems are developed and manufactured with standardised components according to customer‘s requirements.  Both the display and the control software can be adapted to meet exactly customer requirements so that the system can be simply and flexibly integrated into customer’s system architecture.

From planning through to development and production to installation and commissioning. We produce your display system.


microSYST relies on the latest technologies in the field of display systems. In addition to the modern LED and TFT technologies in the field of large format LED displays, VFC and LED displays can also used to be mounted.

Depending on the display type numerics and characters can be displayed as well as complex graphic illustrations such as pictures, graphics and video scenes.

Display types


Due to the customer specific production of our display systems they can be used flexibly and individually. The applications range from information regarding occupational safety to measured values and can be adapted to any requirement and reading condition due to flexible display modes. Do you have a specific application?

Here, you can find an overview of different display system applications.

Customer specific product solutions

As a specialist in the field of customer specific development and production of display systems, microSYST offers the perfect product solution for every application. The technologies used by microSYST are suitable both indoors and outdoors and are individually customised.