mitex - Alphanumeric Panel-Mount Displays

The alphanumeric LED panel-mount displays of the model series "mitex" are specially designed for the industrial application. Texts and information can be displayed compactly and purposefully.

New panel-mount display with TFT surface

To increase the range of the alphanumeric panel-mount displays, microSYST has included a new type of panel-mount display with touch function to its portfolio. The "mitex TFT" is a HMI panel with a multicoloured TFT display.

System advantages

  • ✔  Easy management of production data via USB and Ethernet interface
    ✔  Telegram based activation for a simple data transfer
    ✔  Eight-coloured, high-contrast TFT display
    Designed for industrial application (front panel IP65 protection)
    ✔  Perfect presentation of information due to variable character heights and adjustable display brightness
  • alphanumeric panel-mount TFT display (KEN1TF1-4KMU1065-000; identical in construction to PFXGP4114T2D)
alphanumeric panel-mount LED cabinet display, Dimensions approx. 264 x 48 mm (KSI5LE2-MA121863-000)
alphanumeric panel-mount LED display 8-digit character height 30 mm, Dimensions approx. 264 x 48 mm (KPB1LE2-MA121863-000, 3SF41 13-1HJ)
alphanumeric panel-mount VFC display in a control cabinet 2 lines á 20 characters, Dimensions approx. 216 x 96 mm
alphanumeric panel-mount VFC display 2 lines with 20 and 40 characters, Dimensions 20 characters approx. 216 x 96 mm (KPB1VF2-QJ251I63-002), Dimensions 40 characters approx. 264 x 48 mm (KPB1VF2-FI251863-001)
alphanumeric panel-mount LED display 8-digit character height 17 mm, Dimensions approx. 168 x 24 mm (KPB1LE2-JA121763-000, 3SF41 13-1EJ)


Product features

  • Installable, robust and contrasty

    The LED and VFC panel-mount displays are equipped with a DIN panel-mount housing. All types of panel-mount displays are available with a front panel IP65 protection. With its metal housing and attractive desing, the displays can be ideally used for all panel-mount applications even under rough industrial conditions.

    LED, TFT and VFC technologies are used in the displays, which guarantee high-contrast and luminous visualisations. Additionally, the display brightness can be activated via dialogue in order to directly adjust the display brightness.

  • Various housing designs and character heights

    The alphanumeric panel-mount displays are available in various housing designs.

    - Single-spaced display (8 digits) and a character height of 17 mm
    - Single-spaced display (8 digits) and a character height of 30 mm

    - Double-spaced display (each 20 digits) with a character height of 10,05 mm

    - 4,3" display (resolution 480 x 272 pixel) with variable character heights

  • System integration via common interfaces

    Regarding the system connection, following versions are available:

    - Display with serial interface (RS232, RS485 or TTY)
    - Display with fieldbus (Profibus-DP)

    - Display with fieldbus (Profibus-DP)

    - Display with Ethernet
    - Display with serial interface (RS-232C or RS-422/485)
    - Display with USB interface

  • User-friendly and maintenance-free electronics

    Durable and maintenance-free electronics specially made for industrial conditions is used in the panel-mount displays.

Customer benefits

    ✔ Instructions in plain text

    ✔ High-contrast display

    ✔ Optimised presentation of information

    ✔ Increase in productivity

    ✔ Reduction of errors in the ongoing process

Technical Data

mitex LED

8 digits

mitex VFC

20 digits

mitex TFT

Display type

LED dot matrix display

vacuum fluorescent

TFT display
Leuchtfarberedgreen8 colours (black, blue, green,
light blue, red, purple, yellow, white)

5 x 7 pixels per character

480 x 272 pixel

Data input & presentation

Data input


SerialProfibus-DPEthernet, RS-232C, RS-422/485

Profibus-DP (9,6 Kbit/s to 12 Mbit/s)

RS232, RS485 (bus compatible) (2,4 Kbit/s to 19,2 Mbit/s)

Profibus-DP (9,6 Kbit/s to 12 Mbit/s)Ethnernet:
(10/100 MBit)
(2400 to 115200 bit/s)
Lines | digits1 line, 8 digits2 lines of 20 digits5 bis 27 Zeilen depending on character height

Displayable characters

ASCII character set + special characters
Character height |
reading distance
17 mm | 7 m
30 mm | 12 m
30 mm | 12 m10,5 mm | 4 m1,4 mm | 1 m
1,8 mm | 1 m
3,2 mm | 1,5 m
6,4 mm | 2,5 m

Current consumption

approx. 250/350 mA
at 24 VDC operating voltage

approx. 300 mA at 24 VDC operating voltage

max. 8,1 W

max. 7,5 W

max. 7,7 W
Housing & mounting
HousingDIN panel-mount housing, metal, surface finishingMounting frame
Housing dimensions
(W x H x D)

17 mm character height:
68 x 24 x 62 mm

30 mm character height:
264 x 48 x 40 mm

30 mm character height:
264 x 48 x 40 mm
216 x 96 x 42 mm112 x 77 x 38,8 mm
Mountingscrew clamps
Environmental conditions & Power supply

front panel IP65

Operating temperature

0...+50 °C

Storage temperature

-25...+70 °C-20...+60 °C

Operating voltage

24 VDC ±20 %

24 VDC ±20 %, protected against polarity reversal10,2 … 28,8 VDC


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