mitex - Alphanumeric Panel-Mount Displays

The alphanumeric LED panel-mount displays of the model series "mitex" are specially designed for the industrial application. Texts and information can be displayed compactly and purposefully.

New panel-mount display with TFT surface

To increase the range of the alphanumeric panel-mount displays, microSYST has included a new type of panel-mount display with touch function to its portfolio. The "mitex TFT" is a HMI panel with a multicoloured TFT display.

System advantages

  • ✔  Easy management of production data via USB and Ethernet interface
    ✔  Telegram based activation for a simple data transfer
    ✔  Eight-coloured, high-contrast TFT display
    Designed for industrial application (front panel IP65 protection)
    ✔  Perfect presentation of information due to variable character heights and adjustable display brightness
alphanumeric panel-mount LED cabinet display, Dimensions approx. 264 x 48 mm (KSI5LE2-MA121863-000)
alphanumeric panel-mount LED display 8-digit character height 30 mm, Dimensions approx. 264 x 48 mm (KPB1LE2-MA121863-000, 3SF41 13-1HJ)
alphanumeric panel-mount VFC display in a control cabinet 2 lines á 20 characters, Dimensions approx. 216 x 96 mm
alphanumeric panel-mount VFC display 2 lines with 20 and 40 characters, Dimensions 20 characters approx. 216 x 96 mm (KPB1VF2-QJ251I63-002), Dimensions 40 characters approx. 264 x 48 mm (KPB1VF2-FI251863-001)
alphanumeric panel-mount LED display 8-digit character height 17 mm, Dimensions approx. 168 x 24 mm (KPB1LE2-JA121763-000, 3SF41 13-1EJ)

Product features

  • Installable, robust and contrasty

    The LED and VFC panel-mount displays are equipped with a DIN panel-mount housing. All types of panel-mount displays are available with a front panel IP65 protection. With its metal housing and attractive desing, the displays can be ideally used for all panel-mount applications even under rough industrial conditions.

    LED, TFT and VFC technologies are used in the displays, which guarantee high-contrast and luminous visualisations. Additionally, the display brightness can be activated via dialogue in order to directly adjust the display brightness.

    Various housing designs and character heights

    The alphanumeric panel-mount displays are available in various housing designs.

    The LED panel-mount displays are available in two different sizes:

    • Single-spaced display (8 digits) and a character height of 17 mm
    • Single-spaced display (8 digits) and a character height of 30 mm

    Regarding the VFC panel-mount displays, two versions are available:

    • Double-spaced display (each 20 digits) with a character height of 10,05 mm
    • Double-spaced display (each 40 digits) with a character height of 5,05 mm

    The TFT panel-mount displays are available with the following equipment:

    • 4,3" display (resolution 480 x 272 pixel) with variable character heights
  • System integration via common interfaces

    Regarding the system connection, following versions are available:

    LED and VFC panel-mount displays:

    • Display with serial interface (RS232, RS485 or TTY)
    • Display with fieldbus (Profibus-DP)

    TFT panel-mount displays:

    • Display with Ethernet
    • Display with serial interface (RS-232C or RS-422/485)
    • Display with USB interface

    User-friendly and maintenance-free electronics

    Durable and maintenance-free electronics specially made for industrial conditions is used in the panel-mount displays.

Customer benefit

  • ✔ Instructions in plain text

    ✔ High-contrast display

    ✔ Optimised presentation of information

  • ✔ Increase in productivity

    ✔ Reduction of errors in the ongoing process

mitex LED

8 digits

mitex VFC

20 digits

mitex VFC

40 digits

mitex TFT

Display type

LED dot matrix display

vacuum fluorescent

vacuum fluorescent

TFT display

Display colour

redgreengreen8 colours (black, blue, green,
light blue, red, purple, yellow, white)

5 x 7 pixels per character

5 x 7 pixels per character

5 x 7 pixels per character

480 x 272 pixel

Data input & presentation

Data input

Profibus-DP, SerialProfibus-DPProfibus-DP, SerialEthernet, RS-232C, RS-422/485

Profibus-DP |
9,6 Kbit/s to 12 Mbit/s

Bus: Profibus-DP, Configuration interface: RS232 |
9,6 Kbit/s to 12 Mbit/s

(10/100 MBit)

RS232, RS485 (bus compatible) |
2,4 Kbit/s to 19,2 Mbit/s


RS232, RS485, TTY (bus compatible) |
9,6 Kbit/s to 12 Mbit/s
(2400 to 115200 bit/s)
Lines | digits

1 line, 8 digits

2 lines of 20 digits2 lines of 40 digits5 bis 27 Zeilen depending on character height

Displayable characters

ASCII character set + special characters

Character height Profibus-DP |
reading distance
17 mm | 7 m
30 mm | 12 m
10,5 mm | 4 m5,05 mm | 2 m1,4 mm | 1 m
1,8 mm | 1 m
3,2 mm | 1,5 m
6,4 mm | 2,5 m
Character height Serial |
reading distance
30 mm | 12 m


5,05 mm | 2 m

Current consumption

approx. 250/350 mA
at 24 VDC operating voltage

approx. 300 mA at 24 VDC operating voltage


approx. 300 mA at 24 VDC operating voltage

approx. 220 mA at 24 VDC operating voltage

max. 8,1 W

max. 7,5 W

max. 7,7 W

Housing & mounting


DIN panel-mount housing, metal, surface finishing

mounting frame
Housing dimensions
(W x H x D)

minimal 168 x 24 x 62 mm
maximal 264 x 48 x 40 mm

minimal 216 x 96 x 42 mm
maximal 264 x 48 x 40 mm

112 x 77 x 38,8 mm


screw clamps

Environmental conditions & Power supply

front panel IP65

Operating temperature

0...+50 °C

Storage temperature

-25...+70 °C

-20...+60 °C

Operating voltage

24 VDC ±20 %

24 VDC ±20 %, protected against polarity reversal10,2 … 28,8 VDC

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