mipick - Pick-by-Light Order Picking Systems

Regarding logistics, time and efficiency play an important part.
Increasing stocks have to meet the challenging demands placed on automated processes and error-free picking.

Paperless order picking systems are the solution for an efficient warehouse and logistics management. Depending on the application, Pick-by-light or Put-to-Light systems are used. These systems optimise the order picking process by an automated allocation of stock items to their respective storage location.

New Pick-by-Light control software

Regarding the new control software for Pick-by-Light order picking systems, microSYST places the focus on modularity and flexibility.

Advantages of the new system:

  • ✔ 
    Modular software platform with flexible system architecture

    Easy connection of additional modules to the software

    Flexibly expandable range of features
    ✔  Due to the modular structure easy adjustment to customer’s requirements possible

Picking trolley with eight-digit pick display
Pick-by-Light picking system with multiple LED indicators
Pick-by-Light picking system with monitoring by light grid
Pick-by-Light picking trolley in storage area
Pick-by-Light picking system with foil keypad
Pick-by-Light picking system six-digit with additional shelf display

Product features

  • Robust, solid and high-quality

    With regard to the processing of Pick-by-Light systems, microSYST uses robust aluminium. Both the housing and the aluminium channels ensure high stability and resistance and represent a high-quality and long-lasting system.

    During the installation microSYST uses a solid aluminium channel. The pick displays will then be easily fixed on this channel by snap-in mounting.

    Acknowledgement button made of metal

    The high-quality of the mipick system also can be found in the acknowledgement button: Due to the metal version and the custom-fit processing a long-lasting functionality will be guaranteed.

    One Pick-Display, many possibilities

    Due to the integrated direction arrows several racking levels can be controlled by just one Pick-Display. Furthermore, to increase the capacity a multi-digit Pick-Display can indicate more information such as specific racking numbers.

    A flexible and modular system

    The system architecture of the mipick order picking systems is designed as a modular concept. The mipick software has a flexibel system basis, which easily enables customer-specifc adjustments and extensions.Via the central controlling computer the information will be distributed to controller boxes. As the system is flexible it is possible to add more controllers. 

    Easily expandable range of features

    Due to the modular structure, the system can be easily extended also at a later date by various additional components e.g. light grids or light scanners for an automatic acknowledgement.

  • Easy system integration and activation

    Due to the integrated Pick-by-Light controlling computer with an Ethernet TCP/IP interface the mipick order picking systems are compatible with customer specific data base systems. Further product features: As the data telegram of the software is disclosed, the software activation can be made by the customer itself.

    Optimisation of the order picking process

    The mipick system enables order picking, route optimisation and different order picking types at the same time.

    • The mipick display has a seven-coloured status LED, which enables an order picking process of several employees at the same time.
    • Due to the parameterization of the picking trays the picking routes will be optimised.
    • Different order picking types are available (e.g. parallel or sequential)

    Automatic system monitoring

    The system has an automatic failure monitoring with self-diagnostic. Should a system component stops working, the error will be automatically reported to the system by the display.

    Maintenance-free and reliable

    The mipick system is maintenance-free and therefore made for the dailiy use under rough industrial conditions. The Pick-by-Light systems are reliable and durable due to high-quality system components.


  • Pick-by-Light

    Pick-by-Light systems (also called Pick-to-Light) are used for order picking. With the aid of order picking displays the picker can see the corresponding storage location.

  • Put-to-Light

    Put-to-Light systems  are used when items shall be assigned to a specifc storage location. With the aid of order picking displays the picker can see the corresponding storage location.

Customer benefits

  • ✔  Increase in order picking efficiency
    Reduction in error rates
    Increase in throughput rate
    Due to the disclosed data telegram it is possible to receive the pure hardware


  • Automation and optimisation of the order picking process
    Flexible personnel planning
    High availability

System hardware

Order picking displays

microSYST relies on user-friendly and individually applicable display types. As standard, microsyst has a double-digit numeric and a eight-digit alphanumeric Pick-Display. According to customer’s requirements, microSYST develops and manufactures customer specific order picking displays.

Controlling computer and controller

The mipick system is based on a Pick-by-Light controlling computer which transmits the information to the control boxes.
Depending on wether the order picking system is a stationary or mobile type, the controller boxes will be connected via WLAN or classic interfaces to the PC. Up to 100 pick-displays can be addressed by each controller.

System software

mipick order picking systems are designed to provide flexibility. The system software is a platform which can be individually adjusted to customer requirements and parameterised.
  • Modular software platform for customer specific order picking solutions
  • Route optimisation by tray parametrization (trays with information regarding the chronological order)
  • Simple, flexible container system
  • Wide range of different order picking types
  • Automatic system monitoring
  • Visualisation of system status

Housing and installation

As standard, the installation of the pick displays will be made with a slim aluminium channel which will be fixed on the order picking racks or order picking areas. The housing convinces with a solid, easy-care surface made of aluminium. The pick displays will be easily snapped into the channel.

Due to the snap-in mounting, the display change is easy and flexible to handle, without any material fatigue.

Accessories and additional functions


Light scanners

Light scanners are used for the acknowledgement. This process will be facilitated by automatic acknowledgement.

Light grids

According to the light barrier principle, light grids are used for an efficient recording of all products which will be taken from or added to the order picking trays.   

Signaling devices

To optimise the order picking process, accustic and visual signaling devices will be used. They indicate for example errors in the order picking process.


Additionally, peripheral systems such as scanners, (label-)printers, scales, RFID readers can be integrated via the central control computer.

Display systems

For the visualisation of the current order picking status display systems such as large format LED displays or monitors can be connected.




mipick MP20mipick MP80
Display typeSMD-LED 7 segment
numeric display

SMD-LED dot matrix
alphanumeric display
(ASCII character set)

Character height14 mm14 mm
Digits2 digits8 digits
Display Colourredred
Signal lamp
Signal lamp1 x LED red, 1 x LED multicolour (7 colours)
signal lamp
8 mm
Control elements
KeypadMembrane keypad with 2 buttons
Acknowledgmet button

Metal design, diameter 18/12 mm (outside/inside), individually replaceable

Housing & Mounting
HousingAnodised aluminium
Housing colournature with grey foil
Housing dimensions80 x 30 mm170 x 30 mm
Shaft depth27 mm
MountingSnap-on mounting
Power supply

Operation voltage

24 VDC +/-20 %

Power consumption

max. 0,77 Wmax. 2,16 W
Environmental conditions
ProtectionIP40 (when installed)
Operating temperature0...+50°C
Storage temperature-25...+70°C

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  • Tchibo
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