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Beacons of light - microSYST is making donations

In 2023, microSYST provided support several times when financial help was needed and was thus able to set small, valuable beacons of light in the region and beyond. Also, but not only at Christmas.

Monetary donations went to:

•    the children's cancer charity in the northern Upper Palatinate region,

•    the self-help group for stroke sufferers in Weiden and the surrounding area e. V. and

•    the "Sternstunden" campaign organised by Bayerischer Rundfunk.

In addition, the management rounded up a sum collected internally for the palliative care unit at Weiden Hospital. In November, microSYST took part in the Neustadt/WN-Lobkowitz Lions Club's charitable "Krapfen" campaign.

In 2024, microSYST will continue to make its mark - providing support when and where it is needed.