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Economic, Intercultural, Technical - Sales Partner Visit from China

From the Central Kingdom to the centre of Europe: On 18th and 19th July, Ellen Shao and Steven Zhang from Shanghai Shichen Machinery & Electronics Co. Ltd. visited microSYST Systemelectronic GmbH in Windischeschenbach.

Corona, global economy and a common strategy for the Asian market

The last time Shao and Zhang were on site was in 2018; Covid and its conditions had made the visit impossible for a long time. Therefore, everyone involved was looking forward to the reunion even more. There was much to discuss since the last face-to-face meeting: in addition to economic changes on both sides before and after Corona and the associated effects on sales, they exchanged views on global political influence and the global economic situation with war, material shortages and the resulting delivery times and pricing. Changes in domestic structures in China and the effects on joint ventures, primarily in the automotive sector, were also a topic of concern for both microSYST and Shanghai Shichen. Closely related to this: the future joint orientation and product strategy for the Asian market.

Training on new developments and presentation of technical innovations

On the other hand, the internal further training, including product training and practical implementation, which microSYST offers to all sales partners on a regular basis as well as on demand, was almost standard practice. New developments and upcoming technical innovations were explicitly presented and the advantages of downward compatibility of new solutions were discussed.

Intercultural and business go hand in hand

In order to make the stay as pleasant and impressive as possible for the guests from China, microSYST relied on an "all-round program". At the joint dinner with Andreas Hofmann and Anton Pechtl, Technical Sales/International Sales and QM and Development at microSYST, intercultural and business matters were mixed in a charming way - typical for the Central Kingdom: The new impressions of the sales partners were intensified once again and upcoming projects were brought onto a common track.