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Four apprentices in three professions at microSYST

The fact that LED technology - which is what almost everything revolves around at microSYST - is extremely diverse is also reflected in the job profiles of the four new apprentices at the system electronics provider from Windischeschenbach. The young men and women are pursuing three different training goals: Tobias Kolf wants to become an IT specialist in application development, Leonel Rodriguez Quevedo is learning to be an electronics technician for devices and systems, and Evi Kleber and Nikoletta Georgoula started their training as office management assistants.


Melting the ice: apprentices with apprentices

The start of professional life is exciting, without a doubt. In order to make the start at microSYST as easy as possible for the four new apprentices, those in charge had prepared other activities in addition to the welcome and introductions. A joint meal for all apprentices from different years of training quickly melted the ice. On a tour through the company, the four career starters got to know all the departments and processes roughly. In order to avoid any inhibitions on the first day, this introductory part was also taken over by experienced apprentices. In addition to Sales, Administration, Purchasing, Service & Support, Warehouse and Development, the schedule also included insights into production, assembly and work preparation.


Training objectives, own expectations and apprentice projects

In a relaxed, interactive setting, the newcomers were also allowed to express their expectations of microSYST, the training itself or other thoughts. In an exchange with the trainers, it was not only possible to define key training objectives, but also to gain important insights into the training process. This will also include apprentice projects, in which apprentices plan and carry out their own small project together, from development to the deliverable product. "This promotes independence and also makes it easier to enter further professional life after the apprenticeship," says Managing Director Manuel Rass, explaining the idea behind it.


Challenging and supporting apprentices: with independent work and trust

Generally speaking, microSYST has long emphasised independent work, as far as possible, among its apprentices - the necessary trust is an absolute requirement and, along with the family-like working atmosphere, a cornerstone of the owner-managed medium-sized company. In addition to the obligatory departmental changes during the training, the trainees can also expect so-called exchange days: the famous look beyond one's own nose helps for a comprehensive understanding of the internal processes as well as dependencies and requirements of other departments and colleagues

After an intensive day of getting to know each other, the four apprentices - thanks to the start of training on Friday - were allowed to start the weekend right away. Until the new week, when they will continue their training adventure freshly strengthened and with renewed energy.