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Practice and theory at the career choice workshop

microSYST provides pupils with on-site training orientation

Curious looks and interested questions from young people with an affinity for technology - that's how Florian Helgert and Moritz Busl, young trainers at Windischeschenbach-based microSYST, sum up the two days of the career choice workshop. In cooperation with the secondary school in Erbendorf, the pupils were not only given theoretical knowledge and information about the various training professions over two days. The young people probably considered the practical insight into the (professional) everyday life of a medium-sized system electronics provider like microSYST to be far more exciting. In order to experience the development, production and programming of modern LED system solutions in practice, the secondary school students visited microSYST on site in Windischeschenbach, were granted access to the production and were also allowed to look over the employees' shoulders during programming. It was clear that with all the technology, the focus of interest was primarily on the corresponding apprenticeship occupations of electronics technician for devices and systems as well as the new apprenticeship occupation IT specialist for application development offered at microSYST. The trainers Helgert and Busl are pleased that, in addition to the young people who have already been on site, more pupils have decided to visit the company during the autumn holidays. And once again they hope for curious glances and interested questions.