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microSYST can also do pick-by-scan

Easily paperless order picking

Probably the simplest method of paperless order picking? Pick-by-Scan: Barcodes and barcode scanners are the only requirements for simple, efficient, paperless and mobile order picking. But this does not mean that the ease of use and the logistical benefits are forgotten. For system electronics supplier microSYST, this is reason enough to offer their own order-picking portfolio with the pick-by-light method as well as the pick-by-scan method.

Multifunctional touch display

Thanks to intuitively operable user interfaces, the microSYST scanner and the order-picking system are almost self-explanatory, and the training period is correspondingly short. With the help of the scanner, items to be picked can be clearly determined and identified - the picking performance is increased and incorrect picking is effectively minimised. On the touch display, the picker is also able to easily record all details of the orders and act quickly and immediately in the process, e.g. to confirm orders or report missing stock.

Connection to existing system or stand-alone solution

The threshold for introducing a pick-by-scan system is low; special requirements in logistics are not necessary. In addition to the mobile hand-held scanner, which always remains on the air via WLAN or Bluetooth, the durable system only consists of 1D or 2D barcodes at the item locations or shelf compartments. Pick-by-Scan is usually connected to an existing merchandise management system via microSYST software, but a stand-alone solution without a higher-level system can also be implemented.

As usual for microSYST, the new pick-by-scan solution also offers high-grade, robust quality - optimally adapted for use in industrial environments and also suitable for dusty order-picking areas. The powerful battery in the scanner guarantees all-day runtimes, even in continuous use.