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"Finally a company that fits perfectly" - microSYST on the job and internship fair

Trainer Moritz Busl and software developer Daniel Misdalski had ten minutes in their presentation to convince and, at best, inspire. The audience at the job and internship fair on 13 March: around 80 pupils from the Informatics Campus in Wiesau.

The success of this was demonstrated by the consistent interest of all students in the microSYST programme, including numerous prospective business IT specialists and IT technicians. At the information stand in the Wiesau triple sports hall, after the keynote speech, all participants had another opportunity to engage in an in-depth dialogue. They rated the field of activity itself and the combination of software and hardware developed in-house as particularly positive: "Finally a company that fits in perfectly with the training programme," the IT specialists and technicians agreed.

The rate of interested parties is in line with the impression: ten students specifically enquired about an internship during the training programme and another ten about a permanent employment position after completing the training programme.

microSYST is a sponsoring partner of the Informatics Campus

Training young people locally - in addition to local companies, school centres such as the BSZ Wiesau also make a decisive contribution to imparting specialist knowledge in and for the region. microSYST supports the work of the BSZ as a sponsoring member and partner of the Informatics Campus.

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